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The Academy Player has its own team called TAP FC. The team is a group of elite U12 players who play in a very competitive league in London, and play against academy sides too. With our team, we look to implement our philosophy on them, in playing the right way through the thirds, as well as demonstrate the skills and technique installed into the players from our sessions which we run - such as our one-to-ones for example. This team is run by The Academy Player owner, Jack Gostelow, who has visions for taking this team to the next levels, and providing an excellent pathway for players into the academy system within England.


As a team, this is our first season together as TAP FC, although we already have the team playing as we expect. We expect the team to play the ball through the thirds efficiently, using minimal touches where possible, and where necessary showing good ball manipulation to get out of tight spaces to maintain and split the opposition. The team should be able to dictate the game, through possession and tempo, with their technique and footballing brains winning them the matches, accompanied by their hunger. Have you got what it takes to join this team? Please fill out the form below to enquire.

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TAP FC: The Trailer

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If you have any enquiries please feel free to contact us via this contact form below, and we will look to get back you was quick as possible. These enquiries can be regarding any questions about training with us which are not answered on the website, a request into trialling to join our team TAP FC, or alternatively as a confidential safeguarding line which is available to our players or external ones, was requested by the FA.

Thanks for submitting!

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